The iSBA App

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs! The Interactive Start-Up Business Application functions as a tool to assist users in focusing and validating a business concept. This application offers the mentor perspective that combines lessons learned experiences and the personal, behavioral, and emotional intelligence insights with steps and a process for birthing a dream business concept into a reality. 

This is not designed to be an all-inclusive roadmap for launch, but instead it is a tool to assist with getting started and addressing start-up gaps. Each module within the application produces an end-product that can be printed individually or as a combined document once all modules are completed. Users should be able to save their work at any point while using the app and be able to return and pick up where they left off. 

Users are able to go back into a completed module at any point and update answers. The new answers flow through the other connected modules. 

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Dream

Module 3: Goals

Module 4: Plan

Module 5: Tasks

Module 6: SWOT

Module 7: Launch

Module 8: Resources 

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